Customer and Business Operations

Copperfield Consulting helps our clients improve operational efficiencies for dramatic productivity gains and enhanced bottom line results.


Our specialists deliver effective operational solutions, particularly during transitional periods including acquisitions, expansions in service solutions, and business reorganizations.


We integrate across an organization to deliver process improvement, functional efficiency, and greater satisfaction for both internal and external customers. Our key Operations services include:

  1. Business Operations
  2. Technical Operations
  3. Customer Care
  4. Supply Chain
  5. Organizational Realignment


Operations Plans and Process Improvement Plans are normally driven by internal weaknesses identified in the Strategic Planning effort. This area of planning is designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in better management of costs. The overall aim is to increase profitability or to create better cash flow by focusing on the way the organization conducts business. Plans may include: improving manufacturing, production, distribution, or workflow processes. Often, they will involve human resources, facilities, technology, and capital resource allocation.

Information Systems Plans are also driven by a necessity identified in the Strategic Plan. Effective Information Systems can improve efficiency, assist the control and evaluation of activity, identify opportunity, and even create competitive advantage. Investment in this area has a positive impact on profitability and assists leadership in decision-making.


Example: While working at a global consumer electronics retailer, Copperfield Consulting Associates developed a plan to reorganize and realign a subsidiary’s shared services organization, including the integration of retail sales, call centers, and after-sales care. Our focus was on increasing sales efficiency and optimizing existing resources, and the project scope included detailed customer needs analysis, employee effectiveness assessments, identification of resource gaps, and detailed cost/budget analysis. Our recommendations led to a plan to reorganize the field-corporate support structure, build a more customer-focused organizational mantra, and enhance the existing and develop new value propositions.