Business and Strategic Solutions

The realities of business — new technologies, mergers, unforeseen competition, changing consumer demand, economic fluctuations — require solid strategies to meet challenges and maximize opportunities.


Copperfield Consulting brings a deep understanding of business and competitive dynamics as well as key insights into the art and science of strategy development. Our methodologies produce successful, strategy-driven programs.


Our Strategy services encompass:


Business Plans are tools to help organizations get started. They define what the organization is, how it will operate and what it expects to accomplish. Whether an organization has not yet been in operation or operating for many years, this information is gathered or estimated and projected based on market and environmental research. Business Plans are often a basic requirement of those seeking to invest in the organization or it’s growth. In its Business Plans, Copperfield Consulting includes the following elements: a general description, organizational objectives, products/services (to be offered), the organization’s market, sources of financial support, growth projections, facilities, operational processes, the organization’s competitive advantage, and its role in the community.


Strategic Plans are tools that organizations use to set direction, take advantage of opportunities, thwart threats, shore up weaknesses, and capitalize on strengths. In other words, they are used to grow, to better manage growth, and to cut back when necessary. Copperfield Consulting develops its Strategic Plans partly upon previous experience, partly upon projection, and partly upon a thorough understanding of an organization’s internal and external environments. In brief, this form of planning gives organizations an opportunity to control their own fate, rather than simply reacting to what occurs inside and outside of the organization.


Market and Internal Research is the core of Strategic Planning. Organizations must understand both the external and internal environments in which they operate, if they are to be successful. This understanding forms the critical platform for strategic planning, market planning, and operational planning. Research identifies external opportunities and threats, and brings internal strengths and weaknesses into focus. While research requires a degree of investment, properly used, it also offers valuable returns.


We also offer:

  1. Industry/Competitive Environment Assessments
  2. Business Unit/Market Strategy Development
  3. Scenario Planning and Managing for Uncertainty
  4. Competitive Response Development & Execution
  5. Best Practice & Benchmarking Assessments
  6. Team-Based Strategy Development and Facilitation


Implementation of Plans. It has been said that an average plan well implemented is better than a great plan poorly implemented. At Copperfield Consulting, we believe that. We also believe that far too many plans, good or bad, lie dormant because organizations don't know how to bridge the gap between forming plans and putting them into play. Other factors bog the effort down as well – communication, organization, cost and time all play a role. Copperfield Consulting can help by identifying effective tactics, organizing the effort around a critical path, setting priorities, timelines, recognizing dependencies and communicating the effort throughout your organization.


Example: While working at a global consumer electronics retailer, senior Copperfield Consulting Associates completed a major environment assessment providing a comprehensive comparative view across each of the key segments in the SMB IT Services Solutions space, analyzing market size, key players, product/solution offerings, as well as pricing/packaging/bundling reviews. Our assessment led to the development of recommendations for strategic plays for growth into new market spaces for the global retailer – increasing their market potential by 50%.