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Mark Jansa

Founder, Copperfield Consulting

Direct:  +1 612-875-8280

Email:  mark@copperfieldconsulting.com



Strategy, Services, Operations, Business Development, Growth, International Expansion, Innovation, and Merchandising


About Mark

Mark is the founder of Copperfield Consulting.  He is an accomplished and trusted strategy, services, and business development advisor, consultant, and expert with distinctive experiences and proven results across innovation, global services / operations, acquisitions, and leadership.


In his 35+ years of business experiences, Mark supported global retail transformation by both initiating and implementing growth initiatives. He has led comprehensive strategy development, capabilities and business model architecture, service pricing and promotion expansion, and digital venture innovation. Mark has a proven agility to create, incubate, and deploy new businesses, identify and launch key partnerships, and lead customer experience innovations.   Mark helps his clients identify key future trends and make clear-eyed choices in complex ecosystems.


His range of projects is wide and include a software strategy overhaul for a large North American retailer, an SMB IT services strategy for a predominantly business-to-business omnichannel CE retailer, business model development and innovation advisory services for a global business-to-business-to-consumer packaged services provider, strategy development (plus strategic communications presentation / video assets) for global luxury beauty and global beverage companies, and advisory services for private equity, retail, and innovation consulting companies. Regardless of the scope or size of a project, Mark makes capability building a top priority, coaching executives and clients to design with the customer in mind and ensure critical knowledge transfers across employees.


Before founding Copperfield Consulting, Mark was an Enterprise strategy, operations and business development executive, most recently at Best Buy, a global consumer electronics specialty retailer.  In his most recent role which included strategic responsibility for the Geek Squad, he:

  • built multi-year business plans, platform/service/capability roadmaps, and go-to-market model options;
  • initiated and developed business unit strategies (including technological, organizational, and cultural dimensions);
  • assessed and led the purchase of a $167M M&A target -- mindSHIFT Technologies; 
  • initiated and led the Service division’s Global Center of Expertise (CoE) which included aiding Global Leaders to understand deeply local customer needs, co-develop country strategies, and ensure holistic business alignment across both new and existing operations;
  • led North American direct reports as well as dispersed in-country extended team members (across China, Turkey, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Canada)
  • integrated global results measurement with US budgeting and strategy work rhythms; and
  • ensured new venture efficiency, knowledge management capture, and rapid progression through monthly growth and business reviews.


Past experience      

Best Buy                      Strategy, Operations, Services, International, and Merchant

Lamb Group                 Consulting and Leadership

Thrivent Financial         New Ventures and Institutional Services
Securian Financial
        Product Development and management trainee



Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota             MBA

St. Olaf College                                                                       BA


Our History and Name

Mark Jansa founded Copperfield Consulting in May 2012 after spending 12 years in retail and 11 years in financial services and consulting roles. 


What's in a name?


Copper is a common metal, both malleable and very tenacious. It is one of the best conductors of heat and electricity. It is also one of the most useful metals in itself, and also in its alloys, brass and bronze. 


Field refers to open lands and in their ideal state a richness of soil and promise of new harvests.

Copperfield connotes for us, therefore, a flexible and tenacious pursuit of business growth.


Copperfield Consulting is rooted in the ability to develop actionable solutions that deliver business results in rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive environments.

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our family of consultants. If you are interested, please submit your information to mark@copperfieldconsulting.com