Our Clients

Copperfield Consulting serves leading retail, service, telecommunications, and media companies on a global basis. Our Associates have worked with a wide range of global suppliers and partners to these industries, key technology and marketing associations supporting the industries, leading content providers, and industry-related companies either looking to enter into or expand their presence in the North American, European, or Asian markets.


Services outside the United States


Copperfield Consulting provide services to clients in Europe and Asia who need: operational support, marketing and sales, market strategy development, product integration, new product and service development or launches, and strategic headcount support as appropriate.


The Copperfield Consulting team can provide valuable support to new and existing companies through a team of people with deep experience across our core industries. This includes members of the Copperfield Consulting team and/or our network experts located in North America, Europe, and/or Asia who have diverse backgrounds but have all worked for some of the largest companies in the industry. This portfolio of talent and expertise makes Copperfield Consulting uniquely placed to support a broad array of client needs.